As part of our development of an impact accounting methodology, IFVI in partnership with the Value Balancing Alliance (VBA) released the exposure draft for General Methodology 1: Conceptual Framework for Impact Accounting for public comment from August 16 to October 31.

Comment letters are public and can be accessed here. Views expressed in any comment letter represent those of the relevant respondent. They do not represent the views of IFVI, VBA, the VTPC, or any of their representatives or directors.  Comment letters are presented without revision, with adjustments only made as necessary for formatting purposes. 

The Methodology

General Methodology 1 is a groundbreaking step forward in our joint vision to develop a globally applicable and comprehensive open-source methodology for impact accounting. This exposure draft articulates the key purpose of impact accounting, defines key terms and concepts, and clarifies how impact accounting is connected to topics such as materiality assessments.

Public comment (CLOSED)

The public comment period is now closed.

We are seeking feedback from the public and welcome anyone interested in our methodology work to comment.

Deadline to submit comment: October 31, 2023.