General Methodology 1

As part of our development of an impact accounting methodology, IFVI in partnership with the Value Balancing Alliance has released the exposure draft for General Methodology 1: Conceptual Framework for Impact Accounting. The public comment period has closed.

General Methodology 1: Conceptual Framework for Impact Accounting

“We must remember that the financial accounts we use today have taken nearly a century to refine. Every journey starts with a single step.”

Sir Ronald Cohen, IMPACT

Impact-Weighted Accounts Lesson

A 35-minute free interactive lesson led by Professor George Serafeim and Sir Ronald Cohen that shows how impact accounting can help measure the positive and negative impacts organizations have on society and the environment.

The case for impact accounting

Impact accounting translates sustainability information into the language of currency to enable better decision-making. Learn more about why it’s necessary to achieve a just and sustainable global economy.

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