As our Research pillar is focused on producing the framework for impact accounting, our Market Development pillar ensures that mandatory impact accounting is achievable by accelerating its adoption and bringing it to the core of business decision-making.

Source: Photo by Amir Saboury on Unsplash

Our core Market Development activities

  • Testing: We are supporting and expanding piloting of impact accounting by corporates, investors and the public sector.
  • Evidence: We are disseminating robust evidence of uptake and case studies from early adopters across numerous sectors.
  • Capacity building: We are developing guidance, practitioner guides, training modules, and potential accreditation programs to build the capacity of individuals and organizations to better understand and implement impact accounting globally.
  • Data tools: We are exploring interoperable data solutions and integration of impact accounting into leading ESG data platforms and management information systems to achieve use at scale by corporates and investors. 
  • Policy: We are engaging in ongoing regulatory processes to embed impact accounting into policy and interpretive guidance globally.

These activities are in various stages of development, and close partnerships are integral to the success of each activity. If you are interested in working with us or learning more about our work, contact us