At the core of IFVI’s mission and vision is the need for a comprehensive, credible, and open access impact accounting methodology that accounts for a company’s full contribution to society.

In 2022, IFVI and the Value Balancing Alliance (VBA) established a partnership to develop this methodology as well as to advocate for adoption globally.

In partnership with VBA, along with other ecosystem collaborators, IFVI’s research efforts will be focused on methodology development, leveraging metrics required by major standard setters and regulators, expert stakeholder perspectives and robust academic research, established and innovative quantitative methods, and feedback from users.  

In addition to methodology development, IFVI will also explore and collaborate on rigorous research opportunities related to impact accounting in order to advance its mission. Future research may include development of data, and analysis of the application of impact accounting in varied geographies, industries, and contexts.

General Methodology

Now available for final release

As part of our development of an impact accounting methodology, the first installment in our impact accounting methodology is now available for final release: General Methodology 1: Conceptual Framework for Impact Accounting.

Our methodology development follows rigorous due process under the leadership of the Valuation Technical and Practitioner Committee.