International Foundation for Valuing Impacts

We envision a world in which impact valuation is an integral part of economic and financial performance

Our Mission

To build a global impact economy, which brings solutions to the great social and environmental challenges we face, by integrating impact valuation in financial analysis, capital allocation, and decision-making.

Why Value Impact?

There is enormous demand for information related to corporate social and environmental impact. Translating impact into the language of currency makes information about impact accessible and actionable.

IFVI’s History

The International Foundation for Valuing Impacts (IFVI) grew out of the Impact- Weighted Accounts Project at Harvard Business School. In 2022, IFVI launched as an independent organization with rights to the Impact-Weighted Accounts Project IP and the team in order to scale and achieve the ambitious goals set our by the G7 Impact Task Force in its December 2021 report.

The International Foundation for Valuing Impacts is carrying on the work from the Impact-Weighted Accounts project.

Read about the founding of IFVI here.

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Contact Us

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